City of Tribes MUX is an original paranormal/horror game that pits player-created characters against supernatural entities from the realm that exists beneath our world, known as the Gloom by those who have been touched by its power. It takes place in present-day Galway, Ireland and revolves around the activities of the Watch: a clandestine organization devoted to guarding the secret of the Gloom and protecting humanity from the creatures that have crossed from one dimension into the next.

Players may take on any of several roles: the role of members of the Watch and their allies, whether they are new recruits only just beginning to learn about the Gloom and its inhabitants, or seasoned veterans with several decades of experience under their belt — the only thing they have in common is an investment, no matter how large or small, in the Watch's mission. They may also take on the role of government agents struggling to deal with forces they can't comprehend, or a member of the Catholic church, carrying on a desperate fight against tangible proof of evil.

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