Character Creation



The first thing you want to do is log into the game and create a character on the welcome screen. After you've completed this step, enter chargen and follow the instructions for pitching a concept. Please review the Concept Guidance pages for help in formulating your concept before you submit. We will endeavor to turn around your concept within 72 hours. If staff are on-duty, feel free to page one of us to discuss your concept before you submit it.

If it looks good, you'll be free to proceed through chargen.

Good luck!

Basic Information

In this first chargen room, you will submit the framework of your character. This includes physical attributes, age, sex, occupation, etc…

Full Name: +fullname <name>
Gender: +gender <sex>
Character Type: +type <type>
Age: +age <#> (Number Only)
Date of Birth: +dob <date> (Format: January 1, 2013)
Place of Birth: +pob <location> (Format: Seattle, WA)
Height: +height <height> (Format: 6'0")
Weight: +weight <weight> (In Pounds)
Hair Color: +hair <color>
Eye Color: +eyes <color>
Faction: +faction <faction>
Watch Association: +associate <type>
Occupation: +occupation <job>
Portrayed By: +pb <actor>
Concept: +concept <concept> (3 Words Max)
Alts: +alts <alts> (Separate alts with |)

Character Types: Human, Human+, Paranormal, and Touched
Factions: Catholic Church, Government (Office of Unexplained Affairs), Unaffiliated, Watch, and Watch Affiliated
Watch Associations: Affiliate, Agent, Ally, and Unaffiliated


How has your character's background influenced who they are as a person? If they've had encounters with the Gloom, how have they changed from the individual they used to be? Some people prefer to write only a paragraph or two about their character's personality to give readers a rough idea about them, others enjoy going into depth when it comes to examining their character's psyche, but most players are somewhere in between.

There is no set list for these traits, but traits that do not fit the character's concept will not be approved by staff and will need to be changed. Please give an explanation for the traits you choose to highlight. Again, these traits should serve as motivating factors of what makes your character "tick" and be specific in nature.

+personality/set <name>=<desc> Sets the personality on your character.
+personality/remove <name> Removes the specified personality.
+personality/view <name> Views a personality that is already set.
+example Displays some examples of personality.
+reset Resets all progress done in this room.


Next, you'll be setting the various skills that your character posses. This can be anything from cooking to underwater basket weaving. Keep in mind that the skills you add to your character need to make sense for the character to possess. Anything that doesn't seem to fit, you'll be asked to change or remove.

When you write up your character's skills, you want to select ones that are notable — it's assumed that most characters know how to do mundane things like reading and writing, although it's worth mentioning in your write-up if they can't, otherwise we want to know what it is they're really exceptional at. This helps storytellers tailor plots to your strengths (or your weaknesses, which can be just as much as fun) and understand what your character's limitations are.

One pitfall that some players run into is including personality traits like charisma as a skill; while that might work on stat-based games, where your success depends on the roll of a dice, it's more likely on Gloom MUX that your character's success will hinge on what they say if they're trying to convince another person of something, or how they approach a situation.

Another common error is assigning a high level of skill to a character who is very young. If you want to be a crack shot paranormal detective who knows judo, can pick almost any lock, and isn't easily shaken, he or she should probably be in their late twenties at the very least. We like to see a range of character ages on the game — don't be shy to make someone in their forties or older!

+skill/set <name>=<desc> Sets the skill on your character.
+skill/remove <name> Removes the specified skill.
+skill/view <name> Views a skill that is already set.
+reset Resets all progress done in this room.


If your character has any paranormal abilities whatsoever, you'll need to go into detail about what they can do, and what their limitations are. Most of the time, a character with paranormal abilities possesses them because they've been Touched by the Gloom, but it isn't unthematic to apply for someone who is a natural born psychic or medium, either. See character types for more information.

For characters who have their abilities because they've been Touched by the Gloom, it's important to keep in mind that Gloom MUX isn't a superhero game, or a game about mutants with one or two specific powers; most of the time, people emerge from the Gloom with a unique package of abilities that all fit together in some shape or form.

An acceptable example would be someone who comes out of the Gloom and discovers he can:

  • obscure himself in shadows/transform into a shadow
  • take on aspects of other people's fears
  • control the subconsciouses of the weaker willed by implanting suggestions
  • intensify the negative emotions of others in his presence

The more power the Gloom has bestowed on someone, however, the more drawbacks go along with it. This same individual may also:

  • be compelled to feed on human blood and lose his sense of self and sanity if he does not
  • be unable to step out into the sunlight without suffering from scalding burns or bursting into flame
  • look and feel sick/tired most of the time

This is just one example of what the Gloom may do to a person; there are almost limitless possibilities and combinations of powers, but they should all be able to fit in a paranormal/horror setting. Please use full sentences, and remember to include a brief description of what your character might see in the mirror if he or she has been Touched by the Gloom (which is also what other characters who have been Touched will see if they look hard enough at him or her).

+power/set <name>=<desc> Sets the power on your character.
+power/remove <name> Removes the specified power.
+power/view <name> Views a power that is already set.
+reset Resets all progress done in this room.


Here, you'll be adding your character's resources. These are things that the character owns, people the character knows, income, and any other bits of resources the character can call upon when they should need to. Remember that all resources are subject to staff's approval and they can remove any resource they feel does not fit the character and/or game's theme.

If your character is Watch/OUA/Church, your character has access to those resources. How many resources you can access depends on your rank and seniority. Please note what those are in this section.

(Note that wealthy characters are restricted.)


Where does your character come from? If Touched, how did they come in contact with the Gloom, and how long were they trapped there? What were the consequences of their encounter? How did they get to where they are today?

Although the game is set in Ireland, the Watch has operatives all over the world, so it's feasible that your character can come from almost anywhere. We do prefer natives; if you are not an Irish citizen, your background should explain whether and how you live legally in Ireland. (Note that Americans are restricted.)

If you are apping a Human+ or a Paranormal character, please detail how you developed/discovered your ability.

We're looking for a few paragraphs here, but you are welcome to write more if it starts spilling out of you!

Commands for Setting your Background:

+bg <#> - Read a background section.
+bglist - List out sections that have been created
+bgadd <#>=<text> - Add to a background section.
+bgrem <#>=<text> - Removes text from a background section.
+bgrep <#>=<old>/<new> - Replaces text in a background section.
+bgclear <#> - Clears a background section.
+bglock <#> - Locks a background section when finished.

The '<#>' sign in the BG help stands for the number of the section you are
working on. The BG commands allows for multiple sections so that your
background can be broken up into reasonably sized pieces of text.


Your description is set in-game and won't appear on the wiki.

It's set using @desc me=<desc>

What does your character look like? What are their most prominent features? A character description is as long as you feel it needs to be, whether that's a few sentences, or a few paragraphs. As a general rule, you don't need to describe your character's clothes — you can describe them in your poses instead.

A good description provides the character with a strong impression of your character by showing, not telling. Comb through your description and pick out only the adjectives, then read the string aloud to yourself. If they evoke the sort of imagery you associate with your character, then you're on the right track.


Email: +email <email>
Position: Set
Fame: +fame <fame>
Alts: +alts <alts> (Separated by Spaces)
Timezone: +timezone <zone>
RP Prefs: +rpprefs <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#>
Family: +family <name>


That's it! Submit and we'll endeavor to get back to you as quickly as possible. After you're approved, you will have one week in which to complete your wiki page. Note that wiki pages are required and you may be placed in the time out room if you don't complete your page in a timely manner.

Instructions for how to create your wiki page are contained in your approval email.

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