Character Types


Players on City of Tribes are currently allowed a maximum of two characters. As the game grows, we may reevaluate this policy.

One character may be Touched or Paranormal


People who were taken by the Gloom. Those who are lucky enough to escape and return to our world come back changed, not only psychologically, but physiologically as well: their sojourn in the Gloom granted them paranormal abilities not unlike the ones possessed by the entities that dwell there. What abilities the Gloom imparts to an individual lucky enough to escape it vary from person to person, but are always dark or chaotic in nature, and come with an aura of disquiet that surrounds them, making them seem strange or "off" to those who haven't been exposed. Most live short, miserable existences on the fringe of society, unable to create new relationships or maintain the old ones they might have cherished before their experience before the Gloom.

These people are known in the paranormal community as Touched. Although they appear human on the outside, they are changed on the inside; by looking into a reflective surface, someone who has been affected by the Gloom this way sees a reflection of what it has done to their psyche and finds something terrible and otherworldly gazing back at them. It is what others who are Touched will see if they consciously make an effort to look past their human shape (or if they happen to glimpse them in a reflective surface), and how they recognize one another for what they truly are.

Touched have a wide range of abilities and often have more than one. However, the more power the Gloom bestows upon a Touched, the greater the drawback. It is not a good thing to be taken by the Gloom. It turns your life upside down and the changes made to people push them on to the fringes of society. This is no superhero transformation - this is darkness invading you and changing you for its (unknown) purpose.


These are human beings with powers or abilities that were either inherited, learned or developed as a result of a long time in close proximity to a Gloom entrance. This includes telekinesis, telepathy, psychometry, magical abilities, etc. These powers do not have the strong drawbacks that Touched abilities have (they do still have drawbacks, however,) but also are considerably less powerful. A Paranormal character may only have one ability, where a Touched can have multiple. Paranormal characters still 'read' as human. If a Paranormal character gets taken by the Gloom ICly, they will lose their paranormal abilities and gain a Touched ability in its place.

One character may be a Human or Human+.


The distinction between Paranormal and Human+ is a bit fuzzy. Please, before you begin on a Human+ application (especially if you already have a Touched or a Paranormal character) run your power level by a staffer. These abilities are meant to be very minor. If a player does not have an available slot, a Human+'s power can never grow past their apped level. If the player has a slot, Human+ can evolve into a Paranormal character. If a Human+ character gets taken by the Gloom, they lose their Human+ ability.

Human+ characters may only have two small stunts that work reliably. They may have up to two other stunts (based on the same ability) that work unreliably. For example:

  • Suzie is a telekinetic. She can float a pencil reliably and throw items no bigger than coins with some accuracy at the speed an average human could toss said coins. She can unreliably lift but not throw something the size of a breadbox, and unreliably tap someone on the shoulder using her mind. She can only affect things within a six foot radius of herself. Using either of her unreliable abilities gives her a terrible headache within an hour of the power stunt.
  • Sister Mary Connor can reliably ward a home against Other intrusions and bless items so they cannot be handled by Others. Attempts at exorcisms only have a 1 in 10 chance of success and only a 1 in 5 chance to banish a demon from a home.


This is the majority of the population. These characters may be highly skilled or have vast knowledge of the occult and the Gloom, but they have no paranormal abilities. We recommend that you app a human character who is aware of the Gloom, but it's not required. These characters are very useful and can go places and have connections that Touched can't. A human may develop Human+ abilities after chargen. A human can also become Touched or develop paranormal abilities, providing the player has a slot.

There are a total of five factions to choose from:

Definitions for these factions can be found here.

There are four levels of association with the Watch:

  1. Watch Agents - Part or full-time members of the Watch who help with the day-to-day operations, investigate Gloom-related events and/or hunt monsters.
  2. Watch Affiliates - People who are friendly with the Watch and are aware of its existence. These people may periodically provide support for the Watch, or they may be under the Watch's protection.
  3. Watch Allies - Government, church members or private citizens who occasionally and conditionally cooperate with the Watch. Sometimes aid is only granted through the trading of favours.
  4. Unaffiliated - Anyone who is either unaware of, or distrustful of the Watch. Please note that we do not allow characters who are outright hostile to the Watch.

*The last two categories are not used ICly. They are used for OOC distinction.

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