Diocese of Galway


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In a world where evil is painfully real and is often given physical form, the Catholic Church stands as a bastion against all that threatens the sanctity of God’s children. Exorcisms, house blessings, and more are the province of a select few of the faithful of this church, the knowledge of it carefully guarded from the laity and even most of the clergy. Although the Church often helps the Touched, it also treats them as being marked by demons.



  • Church has known about the Gloom for centuries, although that's not what they call it or view it as
  • make sure to put in something about a lost order of monks, who vanished along with all records of them in the 1300's?
  • thinking saints had something to do with it but no one knows for sure
  • these records are in the Church library
  • for centuries, they have off and on attempted to exorcise the Touched and have had some figures who fought against both the Touched and the Others
  • some didn't know the difference
  • identify some key figures!

Diocese Today

Although most Irish today identify as Catholic, this is as much a cultural identity as a matter of faith. The reality is that the Church has seen its membership decline over the past several years, especially among the younger contingent. True believers grow rarer, and grow older, leaving the Church as less of a center of thinking than a cultural icon. Those actually capable of facing and fighting demons are rarer still.

The diocese expert in all things demon is Father Timothy O'Bannon, and it is he who is called on whenever the supernatural shows itself. He preaches cooperation and cooperates cautiously with the Touched, but has made it clear that he believes them demon-touched through no fault of their own. He has been known to aid the Watch on occasion, but is both harsh and implacable where Others are concerned, and cannot always tell the difference between the two. The relationship is better described as not overtly hostile, and a single mistake could leave these two entities on very rocky ground.

Life in the Church

Players interested in playing a member of this faction should do some research on Catholic tenets and beliefs and how their structure works. This is too complex and detailed to go into here, but information is readily available on the web. (insert some links here)



The Church sees the Touched as lost souls, a special case within the flock, as demon-touched in need of guidance and salvation, and they are prepared to provide such assistance as part of their calling. With that in mind, the Church provides aid, support, and counseling for many Touched in Galway. The Watch helps where they can, but does not always have the resources to provided extended counseling or day-to-day assistance. A few are even found by the Church after stumbling from the Gloom.

The Touched community in Galway has historically been wary in the extreme of the Catholic Church for a myriad of reasons. Most chalk it up to doubt of their own status before God, but rumors of flagellation, torture, forced exorcisms, disappearances and deaths after Touched individuals came to the Church have some play in casual chatter among this small community in the form of anecdotal stories. Whether they're true or not is something else again.


The Church is only peripherally aware of the involvement of the OUA, and then only as an element of the Irish military. As Church tenets today advocate peaceful means of resolving conflict, this in principle places them at odds, but who is to say what would happen if the Church should learn more?


Generally speaking, the Church as a group is not aware of the existence of the Watch. Those members actively involved in Other-hunting may have worked with them in the past, but there is no organizational involvement and the Church is unaware of its nature or activities.

Contact between individuals within the Church and the Watch is sporadic but does happen now and then across the years, usually in response to a specific threat or to mutually assist a Touched in need. Mutual wariness between the Church and the Touched means that these alliances seldom last long.


There's no doubt or questioning. More than anyone else, the Church believes that it is their sacred duty to protect humanity from the threat of Others. Others are demons, Satan's spawn, and must be dealt with accordingly. Not all know of the existence of these, especially among the laity, but among the clergy as well, and those who do know are careful to keep it quiet lest they be seen as raving lunatics. Nonetheless, there are those who do believe that demons are real, even if they know nothing of the Gloom.

It does not happen often, but the Church's overt anti-Other activities have been known to draw the attention of the Gloom, with unfortunate results….

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