Concept Guidance


A Note on Accents

Please DO NOT type your dialogue in an Irish (or any other kind) of accent. Accent is most effectively conveyed by pattern of speech, slang words and the occasional mention of what flavour of accent your character has. Excessive use of apostrophes or shortened words is very difficult to read, distracting, and it's entirely unnecessary as all characters will have some form of regional accent. We endeavor to do our best to portray modern Ireland realistically. Typed accents are not only difficult to read, but inevitably reflect Irish stereotypes.

Staff reserve the right to send an Other to eat you if you do this.

What Should I Play?

The following are suggestions. The list is by no means exhaustive, but it should be helpful for those who are having trouble thinking up a concept or would like to app a character who would have the easiest time integrating into the game.

The Watch

  • Active, established Watch agents. Ideally, these are either un-Touched or Touched who are comfortable with their abilities and have been out of the Gloom for a few years. Remember that the Watch exists worldwide and these characters may have just transferred from elsewhere.
  • Investigators. Watch agents who can and will investigate strange happenings and reported issues.
  • Leaders and coordinators. Watch agents and leaders who can and will organize others to go after threats or investigate strange happenings, who are capable of giving orders.
  • Specific roles in the Watch. Administration, training, medical professionals, occult specialists, forensic specialists, cleanup crew, academics, and more. Talk to staff if you have a specific role in mind.

Office of Unexplained Affairs

Concepts for this faction are fairly flexible, but here are some guidelines:

  • Work in the OUA is highly secret, and all members of this faction are not authorized to discuss the nature of their work with anyone outside the faction. Structure your family relationships accordingly.
  • There are no Touched in this faction. Human+ and Paranormal are fine, but Touched are considered untrustworthy and a character in this faction dragged into the Gloom will lose their clearance should they make it out. Characters who have any special abilities would do well to hide that fact - if not from their co-workers, then from their superiors. The OUA's bosses take a 'don't ask, don't tell' approach to supernatural abilities.
  • Many in this office, particularly the active agents, have ties to military and/or police forces. Consider including such a tie. Keep Ireland's history in mind when you do this and if your character is old enough, consider referencing their role during The Troubles.
  • This office also looks for and hires researchers and academics, spies, and people who can move unobserved. OUA does retain a medical officer specifically for its agents.
  • OUA folks might also be laity in the Catholic Church - Catholicism is an identity as much as a faith in Ireland. Human+ are allowed to be a bit more open if their ability stems from the invocation of religious rites.

Diocese of Galway

PC's may be laity or clergy in the Church, and if they are laity may be from any walk of life. Touched clergy are possible but should be well-explained and their relationship to their faith given their experiences explored in the application.

Is There Anything I Should Avoid?

Yes. Some concepts are overdone or don't fit well into the framework of the game. City of Tribes MUX is as much a social game as a combat-oriented game, maybe more so, and while it's about conflict, some concepts and ideas sound cool but make RP difficult to find. Some are restricted, and some are outright banned.

Think Carefully Before Making….

Characters who can't pass as human. You are welcome to create a character who is disfigured or odd-looking as a result of the Gloom (it does happen) but keep in mind that the Watch is quite small and it does not have a well-developed underworld. If you can't go out to get your groceries without making people scream, you will find that your RP is very limited. There are very few places a Touched character can go on the grid and be completely open.

Humans who know nothing about the Gloom. Touched people make ordinary humans very nervous, and it requires them knowing why they feel uncomfortable for most people to overcome that. You may find your RP quite limited if your character would be unnerved by the majority of the playerbase and wouldn't know why. It is also entirely acceptable to make an un-Touched ally or Watch member. If you plan on having your human character become Touched down the road, which is perfectly acceptable, keep in mind that it would likely require a plot. Someone who is aware of the Gloom is much more likely to be able to avoid stumbling into it. Most Touched knew very little of the occult world before they were taken.

Characters fresh out of the Gloom.. We understand people wish to start their characters from the very beginning, but it does get repetitive for existing characters to explain the basics to every new character. It often takes some time before a character just out of the Gloom is mentally prepared to cope with the sorts of things that make plot elements, so it may be a while before you can participate in game plots. Creating a character that has at least a basic understanding of the Gloom and what happened to them will allow you to hit the grid running, so to speak.

The Watch exists in nearly every major city, so it is easy to put a note in your background that a Watch agent gave you the skinny, and then you decided to move to Galway.

Characters who are too mentally traumatized to function. That is to say, it's a good idea to mitigate your trauma. If your character was so damaged by the Gloom that they have trouble functioning, then your ability to participate in plots becomes limited. We're all about our characters dealing with heavy, weird stuff here, but the trick is to find a balance between that damage and your character being in control of his or her life enough to participate and do what needs to be done.

Talk To Staff Before Making…

The following concepts will need a stellar app or a new take to be allowed, either because they are overdone or because they need to be handled carefully. Please watch this space, as this list may change as the balance of the game changes.

Americans. We understand that many of our players are from the United States, and prefer to go with what they know, but remember that this game is set in Galway, Ireland. American characters should always be a very small fraction of residents, and they face additional problems. Getting the right to work legally in Ireland is not easy. If you do choose to come from a non-EU country, make sure your app explains how they have come to work legally in Ireland. If you are in the country illegally, be prepared to have to work under the table and dodge the law. We will only allow a very limited number of Americans on the grid, and only with stellar apps with a concept that wouldn't work with a European character.

If you want an excuse for having your character act more American than their countrymen, consider saying your character has been studying or living abroad.

NOTE: Characters from the UK, including Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, are entirely welcome, as Ireland has an agreement with the UK that means UK citizens can work and live without restriction. EU countries are wide open as well.

Characters who are missing a lot of time, or spend more than two months in the Gloom. The longer someone is in the Gloom, the more likely it is that they will come out so damaged that they can't function, or not come out at all. Long-term displacement also causes problems with identification and re-integration back into society. A short stay in the Gloom human-time can screw you up just as much as a long stay, because time has no real meaning there. The average Gloom stay is a few days to a few weeks. Stays longer than a few months need to be well-justified.

Wealthy characters. We welcome a well-written app, and in fact, the Watch will try to court people who could financially back them. That said, the wealth has to be integral to the character concept in order to be approved, as opposed to someone who is wealthy just because.

Odd or restricted diets. While this is a legitimate and reasonable flaw, it should be fairly rare - after all, normals are unlikely to forget someone they see eating out of a rubbish bin.

Monstrous second form. As with odd diets, shapeshifting is fairly rare and would require a strong app to be approved.

Characters who exit the Gloom in Galway. Galway is a small city, and it is unlikely that very many characters would be fresh out of the Gloom in the city itself. Consider having emerged from the Gloom elsewhere.

Touched with the ability to heal. Approval of this concept type will depend on how many healer characters we currently have on-grid and how well-balanced the powers are. Remember that the Gloom giveth and the Gloom taketh away when writing this type of character.

Characters born with Touched abilities because their mother entered the Gloom while pregnant. This may be allowed depending on how many characters with this in their background are currently on-grid. This can happen, but is incredibly uncommon. Consider having the character enter the Gloom as a child instead.

Characters under the age of 21. The dynamics of the game skew from mid-twenties to early thirties, and older characters are possible and encouraged. We recommend against younger characters, but one may be approved with a strong application.

Staff Will Not Approve….

These character types will not be approved, either because of integration issues, power handling issues, or other reasons. Please note that this list may be subject to change from time to time.

  • Others. Others may only be presented as NPC foils.
  • Characters hostile to the Watch. Characters are welcome to be mistrustful and wary of the Watch, but at this time we do not allow anyone who hunts Touched or is actively trying to take down the Watch as a PC. (If you wish to toe the line of antagonizing the Watch, consider a character in the government faction.)
  • Touched with the ability to manipulate time. (The ability to manipulate physical space will be considered.)
  • Immortal characters.
  • Characters under the age of 18.
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