While City of Tribes MUX focuses on the activities surrounding the Gloom and The Watch, more than one group of people are aware of the Gloom. Although they may cooperate, the alliances are often tentative at best.

The Watch

The Watch is a clandestine organization of several hundred individuals spread out across the globe dedicated to protecting humanity from the Others and the Gloom itself. It was established in the 1950's, making it a relatively recent obstacle for the Gloom (although many of its members speculate that it is not the first organization of its kind, which does not bode well for its long-term survival). Its founders were Touched individuals who found one another and banded together, believing there was safety in numbers, and that they might be able to use their paranormal abilities to hold the Gloom at bay by destroying Others that cross from their world into ours, and by keeping the Gloom a secret lest other organizations try to harness its power.

More details about the Watch and its operations can be found here.

Office of Unexplained Affairs

Five years ago, an Irish special agent fell into the Gloom, and re-emerged only half sane. Before he committed suicide, though, he tipped the Irish government off to its presence - and that of the Watch who tried to help him. A small project team was formed to learn more; investigation of both entities are ongoing, with the goal of establishing threat levels and plan of action for both entities. The Gloom assessment is complete; the Watch assessment is ongoing and is not blessed with fruitful cooperation from the entity in question. For now, agents are under strict orders not to antagonize the Watch, but many are suspicious of them. Who knows how long that will last?

More information about the Office of Unexplained Affairs can be found here.

Diocese of Galway

In a world where evil is painfully real and is often given physical form, the Catholic Church believes they stand as a bastion against all that threatens the sanctity of God’s children. Exorcisms, house blessings, and more are the province of a select few of the faithful of this church, the knowledge of it carefully guarded from the laity and even most of the clergy. Although the Church often helps the Touched, it also treats them as being marked by demons.

PC’s may choose to be either laity or clergy within the Irish Catholic Church, although only those who have dedicated their life to their faith are capable of sufficient power of faith to affect Others or Touched.

More information about the Catholic Church in Galway and its relationship to the Touched can be found here.


Not everyone who is aware of the Gloom is willing to work with the Watch - or anyone else. Touched often come out of the Gloom suspicious and paranoid, and more than a few would rather simply forget that anything ever happened. Humans often shy away from dealing with the Gloom or those that have been marked by it, as such people often exude an aura of disquiet, leading humans to label them "fey" or eccentric.

This faction is less a faction than a catch-all category for everyone else. These types might be loners, or might be a small group of friends and neighbors banded together for protection. Players should keep in mind that Touched entirely on their own may occasionally become targets for forces who take an interest in them, including but by no means limited to Others. Touched band together under the Watch for a reason. Being alone can be hazardous to your health.

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