Game Mechanics

What is the time ratio in-game?

City of Tribes MUX operates on a 1:1 time ratio. If it's August 13th, you can assume it's August 13th in-game unless you or your scene partners need it to be a different day — in which case it is whatever day you mutually agree on. There is always some wiggle room.

I've submitted my character concept/application. How long do I have to wait for a response?

Staff will endeavor to get back to you within 72 hours.

Didn't you guys used to be Gloom MUX?

Yes, we did. We moved the game to Galway to help facilitate RP and create a community feel. It was also an opportunity for a fresh start and to change some things structurally, particularly factions.


How do I create a specific type of Other for a one-shot scene I want to run?**

If you're going into the scene and plan for it to be a one-shot and there is a staffer online, page them with a general idea of what you want to do. If it's thematic and within reason, chances are we'll say yes. If there isn't a staffer online, you'll have to submit a +request and run the scene after you receive formal approval. If you don't want to wait for approval, you can check the Bestiary page for pre-approved monsters to use in your scene.

Do I have to create a character who is a member of the Watch?

No. You can also create characters who know members of the Watch but aren't a part of the organization, and characters who aren't aware of the organization's existence but who you intend to have join it over the course of RP. There are other possibilities as well — it never hurts to try, and your initial concept pitch will only be a few sentences long anyway.

You can also play a member of the government organization aware of the Watch, or the church. See the character generation pages for more details.

Can I play a vampire?

You can play someone who was Touched by the Gloom and came back out with powers that resemble the vampires of lore. They probably won't call themselves a vampire, though, even if they require blood to sustain themselves and can't go into the sun without immolating. You can also play someone who was bitten by one.

Can I play a werewolf?

You can play someone who was Touched by the Gloom and came back out with powers that resemble the werewolves of lore as far as transforming into ghoulish wolf monsters go. Whether or not silver affects them is your call to make — you'll need to include weaknesses of some kind, but what those weaknesses are is your decision. Note however, that beast forms are currently a restricted concept.

Are there ghosts?


Where should I look for abilities for my character?

Scoping out the pages of other characters is usually a good place to start to see what sort of power sets we approve, and what weaknesses are appropriate to go along with them. If you still need help, ask around, or request staff to put together a package for you — we are more than happy to help.

Can my character become Touched during the course of RP?


Can Others possess people?

Some can. Some can't. It depends on what you're dealing with (and what works best for the plot).

Can the Gloom control inanimate objects?

Yes, inanimate objects can become tainted and controlled by the Gloom.

Does time in the Gloom move differently than in the real world?

Yes, time in the Gloom can move slower than in the real world, allowing people who were taken to emerge decades later and appear to age only a few years and in a world they no longer recognize. Because the Gloom is more or less an alternate dimension, the rules of our world don't necessarily apply — whatever works best for the story you want to tell.

Can someone taken by the Gloom appear somewhere else in the world?

Yes. It is entirely possible for a person to enter the gloom at one place and escape to a place completely around the world.

How do reflections work?

Someone who has been Touched will see the reflection of their 'true self' in a reflective surface — and can see the reflections of others who have been Touched in reflective surfaces. If they focus hard enough, they can block it out, allowing them to do their hair and make-up, or whatever else it takes to maintain a civilized appearance. This does, however, take effort and practice.

Others will produce a 'true' reflection as well — but visible only to those who have been Touched.

Characters without any paranormal abilities cannot see 'true' reflections of any kind.

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