Gloom MUX Primer

Gloom MUX Primer

If you were a player on Gloom MUX prior to the reboot, this page is for you. It's the cliff's note version of what's changed.

Please check out the setting page to learn about our new city. Galway is much smaller than London (only 75,000 people in the city proper) so it is much easier to simply run into people as you go about your business.

We have changed game mechanics slightly so that people who know what the Gloom is are called Aware, and no longer feel creeped out by Touched.

Check out our two new factions, the Diocese of Galway and The Office of Unexplained Affairs

We now have multiple character types.

We have a system that explains how people use magic.

You can now apply to have your character be an heir to one of the 14 tribes of Galway.

The Watch in Galway also functions slightly differently.

  • This Watch has had a run-in with the government and are known to them. As a result, they are more secretive and guard themselves not only against Others, but mortals as well.
  • The tentative truce between the Watch and the OUA means they occasionally trade information or favours.
  • Galway is home to a large vault under the city. The cavern that houses the artifacts has strange properties to the stone that renders Gloom-tainted or paranormal objects inert. Therefore, this Watch has an academic and archival role.
  • As the Watch has been physically attacked, there is more of a focus on martial skills. They are also more likely to react with force when threatened.
  • There is a much lower proportion of new out of the Gloom people in Galway, and as such, the support system is not as well-developed. There is not the sophisticated safehouse network, nor is there the focus on caring for disenfranchised newly Touched. (Those people tend to get sent to London so the London Watch can care for them.)
  • The Galway Watch is allied with the London Watch, though they mostly tend to their own affairs. They will trade resources, personnel and information.
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