Portrayed By: Johnny Depp
Name: Cedric Gorman Moseley
Gender: Male ♂
Character Type: Touched
Age: 26 years old
Date of Birth:
May 31, 1986
Place of Birth: London, UK
Family: None
Faction: Watch
Association: Field Agent
Occupation: Computer Programmer / LAN Admin / Field Agent

"The Internet is the greatest skin flick ever made."

Cedric Moseley is 26, and his life has been shattered by the Gloom. A promising computing system architect, newly affianced - and one night on holiday cost him everything. Now, he wonders how he can keep the monster at bay….

Character Summary

This newcomer from London is very obviously British in thinking and character, and is just settling in. Seems to be a normal enough guy, if a little creepy.



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