Portrayed By: Martin Freeman
Name: Eugene Roberts
Gender: Male ♂
Character Type: Touched
Age: 37 years old
Date of Birth: ♓ February 23, 1976
Place of Birth: London, England
Family: 37
Faction: None
Association: Ally
Occupation: Janitor (Watch doctor)

Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.

Retired GP fresh out of hospital after being sectioned. Recently cleared out of his apartment in London and quit his janitorial position for an extended holiday in Galway.

Character Summary

That doctor who kind of went a little nuts for awhile… He seems better now?


Image Name Relation Notes
cedric.jpg Cedric Moseley Friend Cedric was one of the first Touched that Eugene met after discovering that he wasn't, in fact, crazy. Eugene is drawn to him for his quietly reserved ways, and appreciates the the man doesn't push Eugene to talk about his past. Cedric also seems a little more tactful than most when it comes to making jokes about mental illness in front of Eugene, which is appreciated. He's aware that the man has a darkness within him, but out of respect for Cedric's privacy, he hasn't tried to pry into what that might be.


RP Logs

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