Portrayed By: Tom Hiddleston
Name: William Lynch
Gender: Male ?
Character Type: Touched
Age: 28 years old
Date of Birth: Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20) ? March 15, 1985
Place of Birth: Belfast, Ireland
Family: Lynch
Faction: Church
Association: Ally
Occupation: Priest and part-time EMT

Liam has been a priest in Galway for years; it was his first assignment after seminary. He's done his utter best to leave his ties to Belfast behind, and bears no trace of the accent. After his long tenure, the citizens of Galway have pretty much forgiven him for being from Northern Ireland, and have accepted him as one of their own, especially after his outreach efforts to the poor and marginalized in the community. Recently, however, he has been involving himself far less in the official duties of the Church thanks to his experience with the Gloom. Those who know him have noticed a marked change in personality. He is now Touched, and has been unwillingly granted the ability, like it or not, to transform into a mockery of a heavenly being, an act which galls him to his very core yet has become somewhat necessary since his escape.

Character Summary

Liam is known to be a kind, just, gentle individual… or at least, he used to be. He's gotten somewhat sharper lately, and the locals do speculate on why. He also doesn't give mass nearly as often as he used to. Nevertheless, he's still a priest, and in Catholic Ireland, can do very little wrong in the eyes of others. It remains to be seen how long that lasts.



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