Portrayed By: Seth Gabel
Name: Eamon and Quinn Sullivan
Gender: Male
Character Type: Touched
Age: 32 years old
Date of Birth: March 16, 1981
Place of Birth: Galway, Ireland
Family: None
Faction: The Watch
Association: Agent
Occupation: Archaeologist and Cop

Eamon and Quinn Sullivan are twin brothers who entered the Gloom together and came out merged into one body. They both work as Watch Agents, one as a Gardai and one as an archaeologist working in the Watch's archives. They have the ability to translocate and bilocate.

Character Summary

Collectively, the brothers are fine with being referred to as Sullivan or Sully. Where they both chafe is when they're considered to be one person. The brothers are very different in many ways, and to anyone who knows them, it quickly becomes easy to tell when each brother is the one speaking. He will also speak to himself, which can make him seem schizophrenic. This can unnerve people he just met, but it is the only way the pair of them can communicate, as they can't talk to each other telepathically. The brothers will use the single when referring to their own opinions, and a plural when they're in agreement.

Quinn is a leader in the Watch, and a strong martial agent. Anyone who gets to know him and can see past the strangeness of the merger with his brother often respects him. He is decisive, keeps a cool head and always makes sure the people in his charge stay safe.

Eamon is the quintessential academic in a lot of ways, though he does not have the social ineptitude that sometimes comes along with academia. He does however, get deeply excited over old bits of broken pottery or fragments of writing. He is often found in the archives when he's the one in control.



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