The Tribes


The Tribes of Galway (Treibheanna na Gaillimhe) were fourteen merchant families who dominated the political, commercial, and social life of the city of Galway in western Ireland between the mid-13th and late-19th centuries. They were of mixed origins, variously Norman, Hiberno-Norman, Gaelic-Irish, French, Welsh and English, or some combination of the above. (source: wikipedia)


The families are:

Athy Blake Bodkin
Browne D'arcy Deane
Font French Joyce
Kirwan Lynch Martin
Morris Skerrett

Given the various origins of the families and the time that has passed since the founding of Galway, nearly anyone with Irish, Norman, French, Welsh or English origin could have some blood relation to one or more of the tribes.

The Heirs

During the formation of Galway, in the mid-13th century, a group of Others was very active in the Burren, just outside the city. Each of the 14 families over the course of 50 years or so, made pacts with this group of Others they believed were fairy folk. Some of these pacts benefited the family in the immediate future in exchange for some cost down the road or from each generation. Some took the price upfront in exchange for something positive for their descendents. This group of Others, for whatever reason, honoured their agreement with the families.


Becoming an Heir

During character generation, players can choose to be a member of one of these families by blood, and thus a potential heir. Someone can only be a potential heir if they are residing within County Galway.

This is not a marker to be taken lightly. You may find yourself with a mystical sword that slays Others, but you may just as likely be hit with a family curse. Whether it's good or bad is up to the discretion of staff. We do promise however, that whatever it is will increase RP opportunities, not reduce them. You will not be maimed or rendered unplayable - we promise. You can let your preference be known if you'd prefer something bad, but you can't put in a vote for the good. Sorry!

Whether or not you turn out to be an heir will be determined by RP. This is a reward for activity, and a reward to players have demonstrated maturity and proactiveness.

Heirs will have a larger role to play as the game's story progresses. They are the equivalent to feature characters. When you apply, you can specify a particular family you wish to be considered heir to, or you can let staff decide.

Most boons from being an heir will come in the form of an object or a resource. You may find yourself in possession of a magical amulet, a series of books that illuminate the mysteries of the Gloom, a piece of property with some mystical significance or some other tangible object. Very rarely, an heir may find him or herself with an additional ability, though whether or not this happens depends on your existing power level. Boons will not simply be given. Chances are there will be some sort of trial, mystery or research that you must complete in order to retrieve your prize.

Most negative effects will be in the form of a curse (either temporary or permanent) an obligation to an Other (usually one-off), or involve some form of sacrifice. Even negative effects will yield some sort of positive outcome, usually in the form of increased knowledge of the occult, the motivations, strengths and weaknesses of Others or the like.

In short, being selected as an heir means you get your own plot run for you, by staff, with your character as the star.

Any character type, be they Touched, Paranormal, Human+ or Human may be considered to be an heir. You may put both of your alts up for consideration, but only one has the potential to ever become an heir.

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